• the week

    People often ask what do I do with my week, alot of the time it can all blend into one and it can be hard to pick out significant moments on the spot. This week however was memorable after the awful fatal tipper truck accident in Bath which killed four and the moving community response afterwards. 

    The job can also throw up particularly interesting people - on Thursday I met and photographed a married couple with a slightly different past to the norm. Friends as school girls originally, Toni and Sian then grew apart before reuniting, marrying and now have a baby boy on the way. Sian, now known as Sean, has had a sex change and is now living as a man. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the story was splashed on the Daily Mirro the next day. 

    I also photographed the ever accomodating Caroline Quentin of Men Behaving Badly fame, who is now playing the role of Fanny Hill at the Bristol Old Vic. Slightly before this week I headed down to Millenium Square in Bristol to see how the UK's first voluntary smoking ban was working out (it wasn't, probably because the signs are incongruous and pretty small), however a passing Portugese tourist was happy to oblige for a photo. Anyway, here's a few pics: