• 2015: a year in review

    Now i'm sat at home with my feet up for Christmas it's as good a time as any to post my favourite pictures of 2015, and quite a year it was...

    The early part of the year saw the various political parties visiting various places (read: positive photo opportunities) to try and garner support for the General Election, which ultimately resulted in the boys in blue gaining power.

    Glastonbury festival managed to surpass itself once again, the highlight being c.100,000 people sing Happy Birthday to the Daiai Lama on the Pyramid Stage. Incredible. Kanye's 'love him or hate him' gig was lighted in a way that moody silhouette's were the only option. Pretty happy with the pic and i'm sure it looked cool to the first 20 rows but beyond that the whole effect was largely lost on the crowd.

    A stunning morning ensured Bristol's International Balloon Fiesta created plenty of pretty pictures:

    The annual Perseid meteor shower was spent inside the ruins of Tintern Abbey:

    Banksy made Weston-super-Mare the centre of the art world for a several summer weeks with his brilliant Dismaland show.

    The defining story of 2015 was undoubtedly the 'Migrant Crisis'. After convincing the bosses to let me go I flew to Budapest and subsequently covered the story in Hungary, Austria and Serbia. It was undoubtedly the most profound personal and professional experience in my life.

    The picture above is probably the favourite of all the pictures i've ever taken. It's of an incredibly photogenic three year old Afghan girl called Asal Habibi who was travelling across the Serbian-Hungarian border with her family. I met many people on the border but I was to end up knowing more personally about her family than anyone else.

    Sadullha and Asal in Germany, ready to start their new life

    I'll share more of my trip to Germany to meet the Habibi family in the New Year..... if you'd like to view more of my migrant crisis photos click here: migrant crisis

    ..... Later in the year I travelled to Bath Rugby's Farleigh house to photograph their winger / British army tank driver Semesa Rokoduguni

    Before rounding things off with a visit by the Duchess of Cambridge to an addiction centre in Warminster:

    Here's to 2016 and everything that it may involve!