• Living in squalor - Migrants in Dunkirk and The Jungle

    Whilst most people may have heard of 'The Jungle' refugee camp in Calais, France, less is known of another camp only 28 miles to the east in Dunkirk. With vastly increased police activity and security in Calais many migrants have relocated / come searching for easier ways to cross into the UK, with Dunkirk becoming a new centre of activity. The camp itself held only a couple of hundred people until the last couple of months which have seen its numbers rapidly expand to roughly 3,000. At the same time the harshening of winter has brought torrential rains, creating a quagmire in which families are trying to live. As strange as it may sound the only thing I could compare it to was Glastonbury Festival on a muddy year. Except these people are trying to live, cook and clean in these conditions for weeks (and for many, probably months) on end. Incredible to think that this is all just 17 miles from the UK. Volunteer organisations are trying to help but resistance from the French government means that the help network is nothing like that in place at The Jungle.     

    I also visited the 'Jungle' in Calais for the first time before heading back to the UK: