• Brain Surgery

    Last week I was giving a unique opportunity - to go and photograph brain surgery at Bristol Children's Hospital. The surgery team there had, in a previous operation, used pioneering robot technology to map the brain of an epilepsy sufferer in order to work out which part of the brain was causing the epilepsy. The subsequent operation which I witnessed was intended to treat the identified area, hopefully curing the condition.

    Once scrubbed up I watched at close hand Consultant Neurosurgeon Michael Carter and his team perform the surgery on 15 year old Billy Whittaker, who was under general anaesthetic. Truly incredible work to witness -  the care and professionalism of the medical team was brilliant at every stage.

    Billy came out of the operation well and it is hoped that this operation will be the cure of his troubles. Time will tell. If ultimately successfull this will pave the way for him to live life to the full - to drive, to play sport, all of the normal things we take for granted.

    The experience only reaffirmed my belief that the NHS really is one of the best things that this country has ever produced - we're extremely lucky to have it.

    Here's an edit of my photographs taking during an hour of the operation: